Here and There

The suffix -re -ra means place or place of.
[LIT: ne-re-de “what-place-at”]

Similarly the Turkish demonstratives:
bu şu o this, that, that (yonder)
are suffixed with -ra “place of” to form the basic spatials:

bura here
[LIT: this place]
şura there
[LIT: that place]
ora that yonder
[LIT: that place over there]
These words are seldom used in this pure form. They are suffixed to show where, from, to, towards.

Forming Turkish Extended Spatials

Turkish Spatials – Static Position

Static Position Suffix: [locative] -de/-da in, on, at forms basic location.

Turkish singular specific place:
burada here
[LIT: bu-ra-da “this-place-at”]
şurada there
orada over there
nerede? where?

The plural is spatially more vague:
buralarda hereabouts, around here
şuralarda thereabouts, around there
oralarda thereabouts over there, around about over there
nerelerde? whereabouts?

Turkish Spatials – Movement Away

Adding the Movement Away Suffix [ablative] -dan / -den from →
buradan from here
şuradan from there
oradan from there
nereden? where from?
The plural is spatially more vague
buralardan from hereabouts, from around here
şuralardan from thereabouts
oralardan from thereabouts (distant)
nerelerden? from whereabouts?

Turkish Spatials – Movement Toward

Adding the Movement Toward suffix [dative] -a/-e to, towards ⇒
buraya to here
şuraya to there
oraya to there
nereye? where to?
The plural is spatially more vague
buralara to hereabouts
şuralara to around there
oralara to thereabouts
nerelere? to whereabouts?

Turkish Spatial Conditions

All the various Noun Conditions can be used to extend the spatials.

bura(sı) here
burayı here (obj.)
buraya to here
burada at here
buradan from here
buranın belonging to here, of here
buralar hereabouts
bura(sı)yla with this place here
The same is also valid for şura(sı), ora(sı) and also interrogative nere(si)?

Turkish Spatial Examples

Buralarda bir güzel restoran var mı?
Is there a good restaurant around here?
Buraya gel!
Come [to] here!
Oradan yeşil bir araba geldi.
A green car came from over there.
Şurada büyük bir otel var.
There is a big hotel there.
şura has a diminutive form in widspread use:
şuracık → just here / just there
Şuracıkta gazeteyi koyun.
Put the newspaper just there / here.
There are similar forms for:
bura → buracık
this just here
ora → oracık.
that just over there
These forms in use, but not as much as şuracık